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Newport Cardiac
& Thoracic Surgery

We have assembled a team of the finest heart surgery specialists including anesthesiologists, specialized operating room and ICU nurses, technicians and physician assistants. WE remain committed to our mission:

“We are here to provide excellence in heart surgical care by incorporating the most advanced surgical techniques and technologies with our highest priority being excellent patient outcomes and satisfaction.”

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At Newport Cardiac & Thoracic Surgery, we obtain great results yielding increased health and quality of life for our patients. We use the latest and most innovative surgical strategies and have a team of the highest caliber. While we utilize robotics and other state of the art technologies, it is our human touch, expertise and caring team that truly sets us apart.

Since 2010, our patient cases and referrals have grown over 60%. Our award-winning surgical center constantly innovates to achieve the highest levels of excellence.

Our surgical roots date back to 1987 serving as the heart treatment center for Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach. Our surgeons practice exclusively at Hoag Hospital, which allows them to be available 24 hours a day and in constant communication with our patients and their families during surgery and recovery.

Our team takes care of you – heart and soul.

What is Heart Surgery?

The earliest surgery on the heart took place in the 19th century, and involved surgical repair of the area… around the heart.